Rotary Holders & Accessories


At Application Specialties you can find the best tool for your machine and application. With our selection of tool holders and accessories we can provide you with the best tool assembly to achieve the best accuracy, repeatabilty, balance and rigidty.


Albrecht: APC Milling Chucks and Precision Drill Chucks

Bilz USA:  Shrinker Units & Holders

Big Kaiser: Simultaneous Taper and Flange Fit (Big Plus) and Specialties Holders

Briney: Tap Drivers, End Mill & Shrink-Fit Holders, Collet Chucks & Accessories

Clamprite: Drawbar Pressure Gage

Command Tooling: Tap Drivers, End Mill, Shrink-Fit, Collet Chucks & Accessories

Centaur:  Tap Drivers, End Mill, Collet Chucks & Accessories

Collis: Quick Switch, Collet Chucks, End Mill Holders & Accessories

Criterion: Boring Heads & Accessories

Haimer: Shrink-Fit, Collet Chucks, Balancing Machines & Shrink-Fit Machines

KPT Kaiser: Precision Boring System

Rego-Fix: Powrgrip Systems & Precision Collets & Chucks

Schunk: Tribos and Standard Rotary Holders

Seco Tools: Collet Chucks, End Mill Holders, Shrinker & Accessories

Techniks: Collet Chucks, End Mill Holders & Accessories

Tecnara: MST and Slimline System and Holders

TSD Universal: Accra Flex Collet Chucks, End Mill Holders & Accessories

Urma: Precision Boring System