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ASI Line Card (PDF Format)

Abrasives & Deburring: Cut-off wheels, grinding wheels, bonded, coated, and diamond abrasives, industrial brushes, and specialty abrasives.

Indexable CarbideTooling: Milling, turning, threading, and drilling inserts, boring bars, face mills, carbide drills, reamers, end mills, brazed tools, and specialty carbide tooling.

Solid Carbide Tooling: Milling, turning, threading, and drilling, boring bars, carbide drills, reamers, end mills, brazed tools, and specialty carbide tooling.

Coolant & Accessories: Accessories, machine coolant, way lube, EDM fluid, cutting & tapping fluids, coolant mixers, refractometers, belt and disk skimmers.

Drills & Accessories: HSS & carbide Drills, chucks, arbors and Indexable drills.

HSS Tooling: HSS & HSCO Milling, drilling reaming tools. 

Lathe Tooling: Cutting Tools, Chucks and Jaws & Specialty Lathe Tooling

Machine Accessories: Chucks, rotary tables and indexers, angle heads and spindle speeders and spindle wipers as well as many others.

Precision Tools: Thread and plug gages, coax indicators, comparators, presetters, surface testing equipment, graite plates, gage blocks & pins, calipers, dial indicators, micrometers and CMM Probes / Styli.

Tool Holders & Accessories: End mill holders, shell mill holders, collet chucks, Shrink-Fit holders, Shrink-Fit units, milling chucks and boring heads.

Shrink-Fit: Holders Machines and Accessories

Shop Supplies: Allen wrenches, stamps, lighting, air tools, safety supplies and misc. hand tools.

Threading Tools: Taps, tapping heads, tapping holders for rigid and tension and compression, Bilz tap holders and collets and ER style collets, die heads, carbide thread mills and indexable threading tools.

Workholding & Fixturing: Vises, ball lock components, clamps, tombstones, and drill bushings.