Indexable Carbide Tooling


Advent Tool: Thread Milling Products

AB Tools: High Performance Rotary Cutting Tools

Belcar: Carbide Parting  Tools

Circle Machine / Widia: Small Hole Boring, Grooving and Threading

Criterion: Boring Heads & Accessories

Dorian Tool: Turning, Milling, Part-Off & Knurling

Everede: Indexable Carbide Boring and Milling Tools

Guhring: High Performance Holders, Taps, HSS & Carbide Drills,  and Indexable Tools

Kaiser Tool Co.: HSS & Carbide Grooving & Boring System

Big Kaiser: Boring Systems and Big Plus Cutters

Lovejoy: Milling Tools

Manchester / Widia: Part Off, Face Grooving Systems

Millstar: Copy Milling and Profiling Cutters

Mill-Tec Milling Tools

Mitsubishi Carbide: Threading, Milling & Turning Tools

PH Horne:  Carbide Indexable Part Off, Face Grooving System

RANI Tool: Milling cutters

Seco Tools: Turning, Milling, Drilling & Boring Holders & Inserts

Stellram: Milling, Turning, Threading, Drilling Tools

Tool Flo: Threading, Grooving, Boring & Milling

Urma: Precision Boring System

Vardex: Threading, Milling & Turning Tools